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IoT Open Community


Develop open IoT for business community and consumers in Viet Nam. All the results are freely shared to the community.


  1. Communicate to raise awareness of IoT applications to business and consumers in Viet Nam
  2. Research, survey and evaluate potentials and opportunities of IoT market
  3. Initiate and develop IoT open community: Open Standards, Open Platforms, Open Software Tools, Open Devices and Embedded Systems, Open Automation Systems
  4. Set up and maintain an IoT center: consulting, training and support IoT related issues


  • Overall Coordinator: Institute of Information Technology for Business (VCCI-ITB)
  • Coordinator for developing Free and Open Source Software for IoT: FOSS Development and Services Joint Stock Company  (FDS)
  • Coordinator for developing IoT Device Electronics and IoT Embedded Systems: Vietnam Institute of R&D in Electronics, Informatics, Automation – Ministry of Industry and Trade (VIELINA)
  • Coordinator for developing the Community of IoT Open Network Infrastructure Services (IPv6, monitoring, wired/wireless, network security): NetNam Corporation (NetNam)
  • Coordinator for Technology Integration: Post and Telecommunications Technology Industry Joint Stock Company (VNPT Technology)
  • Coordinator for Joining IoT to Business: Institute of Information Technology for Business (VCCI-ITB)
  • Coordinator for Research and Survey on IoT Market: Institute of Information Technology for Business (VCCI-ITB)

Time: 2017-2021 (5 years)


  • Main community to support: Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Geographical Concentration: 5 central cities (Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, HCMC, Can Tho) and 15 other provinces selected from North Region, Central Coast, Central Highlands, South East and Mekong Delta Region
  • Main Fields: Development of high-tech agriculture (fisheries, livestock, vegetables), Environment Monitoring, Smart City, Smart Building, Enterprise IoT



  • Communications:
    • IoT Day (Tuesday of Week No. 2 of June annually)
    • Talk Show on TV (VTV and/or VTC) and on Facebook, Youtube
    • One series of  Workshops / year (for about 5 different locations)
  • Market:
    • Organize a survey of 1,000 businesses / year of market awareness and IoT applications
    • Market research from the selected fields of IoT: 1 research / 1 year
  • Software:
    • IoT Platform Integration
    • Develop 1 version per year for Embedded Systems for sensors reading electronics and for actuators controlling electronics
    • IoT Tools and Apps
    • IoT Standards and Protocols
    • AI Integrated Automation Systems
  • Hardware:
    • Develop kits and devices for sensors reading electronics according to selected fields (1 type of sensor / year)
    • Develop kits and devices for actuators controlling electronics according to selected fields (1 type of actuator / year)
  • Networking:
    • R&D in connecting sensor reading electronics with Internet and Internet with actuators controlling electronics
    • R&D in IoT Service Provider Solutions
  • Consulting, Training, Support:
    • Set up a center for counseling support
    • Organize thematic training or in-house training


  • General Principle: Members should find themselves funding to organize their activities;
  • Approach:
    • Communications: Find funding from the state budget, from foundations, from donors, sponsors and in collaboration with other organizations
    • Training: Charges for participants
    • Market research and survey: Find funding from the state budget, from foundations and from donors, sponsors
    • Consulting: Charges for telecommunication services (1900) and advertising
    • Software: Business models for open-source software
    • Hardware: Find funding from the state budget, from foundations and from donors, sponsors
    • Networking: Find funding from the state budget, from foundations and from donors, sponsors

IoT Investor Network:

  • General Principle: Investors and beneficiaries will directly sign agreements, contracts. IoT Open Community plays only the role of calling, referrals, connections, do not participate directly in the agreements, contracts. Note: investors are different from donors, sponsors.
  • Investors: Science and Technology research funds, Venture Capitals, Angel Investors and Banking Institutions.
  • Beneficiaries of investment: IoT Community members.
  • Coordinator for establishing investor network: Institute of Information Technology for Business (VCCI-ITB)
  • Investment Activities:
    • Contribute capitals, purchase shares of IoT community members
    • Investments in research institutes and universities
    • Investing in startups (from the community members)
    • Investing in communications activities such as organizing IoT awards, IoT contests

IoT Open Ecosystem:

  • System Components:
    • Market: research, survey is published annually; this component is also responsible for adjusting the communications activities, R&D activities and orienting IoT products / services;
    • Communications: raising awareness of IoT applications in business and social life;
    • Business: the IoT-based business (not necessarily belonging to the community). These businesses will raise problems for the research and development of software, hardware and networking members. This group consists of community members and companies  extracted from the survey of 1,000 businesses annually;
    • Software: consists of  the community members belonging to the software group
    • Hardware: consists of  the community members belonging to the hardware group;
    • Networking: consists of  the community members belonging to the networking group;
    • Simulation: consists of  the community members that are responsible for setting up simulator systems for R&D units to solve. This unit is also responsible for testing simulation results;
    • IoT Center: consists of the community members responsible for consulting, training and support of IoT;
    • Investor: A member of IoT Investor Network.
  • IoT Open Ecosystem Flow Chart:

  • Interpretation:
  1. Each year, at the G9 conference (9 group conference), the Marketing Group will announce the results of market research, including market forecasts for the next year. This will be the input for other groups;
  2. Business Group will bring out the issues that community should research, resolve;
  3. Based on the results of Market group and Business group, the Simulation group will formulate hypothetical simulators for Software group, Hardware group, Networking group and technological universities to solve with a deadline for each simulator;
  4. Technological Universities would register subjects from simulation systems which may relate to the Software group, Hardware group or Networking group depending on the students’ choices. Mentors could be either from universities or IoT community members;
  5. At the end of the year, the Simulation group will test and report the results at the G9 Conference;
  6. The Investor group would consider and evaluate the opportunities to invest in the community members;


  • Registration: Organizations and companies interested in the community would fill in the registration form and send the file to the coordinator VCCI-ITB (see the registration form);
  • Activities: After registration, participants would directly contact coordinators which include VCCI-ITB, FDS, VIELINA, NetNam, VNPT Technology;
  • Reports: Participants will report the R&D results at 1st G9 Conference (which takes place in March each year), IoT Day (which takes place in June each year) and 2nd G9 Conference (which takes place November each year). Reports will be presented at conferences and later uploaded on TV channels and on social networks such as Facebook and Youtube;

Responsibilities and Rights:

  • Responsibilities:
    • Carry out the agreements with coordinators;
    • Report at G9 conferences and IoT Day;
    • Proof of Concept: Prove the ability to carry out agreements signed with coordinators;
  • Rights:
    • Name of the participant is promoted in all communication activities of the community;
    • The results of the study, after the Simulation group tests and certifies, will be promoted in all communication activities of the community;
    • The research results that are tested and certified by the community will be introduced to the business partners and investors;


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